Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fish and Chips in Tassi Land

Travelling to Tasmania at the wrong season is the WRONG thing to do.
Went to Launcestone last weekend to enjoy Spring.
Spring is supoosed to be cheerful and happy eh.
But i guess it is still the wrong season.
Reaching at my hotel at a sunday is a horror to me.
Checked in to The Sebel which is already located right in the city centre and to see that at 4pm
Nobody is walking on the streets and we wondered if we were at the right place.
We wallked around in a freaking cold weather for 2hrs and were excited to see the only restaurant open.

Fish and Chips


Tasmania home grown beer.

Lindt Café

Australia is the location of the world’s first Lindt chocolate concept store and café
Situated at the site of the old Banc restaurant at 53 Martin Place in Sydney’s CBD
Lindt store café selll Lindt chocolates and serve a variety of chocolate-based foods such as cakes, ice-cream, pastries,
special deserts and waffles.

Above is the white chocolate vanilla bean and 70% cocoa chocolate ice cream..


Lindt Café
Shop 104 – 105 Cockle Bay Wharf, Cockle Bay.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lee Hup Lee Seafood -Changi Village Hawker Centre

This Cze Char stall is always packed with diners anytime of the week for dinner.
I went there pretty late last Sun night and i still have to wait awhile for dinner.
The food came and the smell just blew mi off my seat.
Everything is so so good.
Beside the sting ray. I love everything that i ordered.
I am going back to eat their famous crab and steam fish soon.

potato leaves sambal veg, lala in special sauce, frog legs,sting ray, 2 rice, one big bitter gourd soup
The bill just came to 40bucks for everyhting i ordered !!

Food Quality : 4.2/5
Pricing :4.5/5

Lee Hup Lee Seafood.
Changi Village Hawker Centre


The coffee is really up to standard here
But not the food.
Was rushing off to work last week so decided to have a quick lunch
Lunch was disappointing.

Mushroom tomato bruschetta served cold, bad.
Onion Soup ?? damm oily.
Pasta ?? Nothing much cheese taste.

Food Quality :2.5/5
Pricing : 3/5

Raffles City Basement One

All time favourite Nasi Padang Stall

Nasi Padang is a dish where customers literally customize what they want to eat.
A set meal of steamed rice, one main dish and two side dishes is priced at $4. Customers usually pick more from the array and have it “packet” or “eat in”.
This is the place to go whenever i have craving for nasi padang food.
Good food, good price, good ambience.
Their chendol is good too ..

Food Quality :4.2/5
Ambience :4/5

Sabah Menanti
48 Kandahar Street (S)198899
Daily: 9am - 6pm
Telephone : 63966919

Lunch at TCC

Fish in Miso sauce.

Not bad.
But can be better if they replace the fish to a more softer kind of fish.

Quality :3.7/5
Pricing :4/5

Bugis Junction outlet.