Monday, November 20, 2006

Sukiyaki on a Sunday night

There are lots of Japanese Restuarant in Singapore.
After getting so sick of Sushi Tei.
Megumi got to be my next favourite place.
Its a small family style Japanese Restaurant sitting at the quiet stretch of Siglap.
And by the way, i love Siglap.
It's the best place to spend a lazy morning, afternoon or night there.
This restuarant has been there for a very long time
But it's only lately then i get to taste their food.
And it's very good.
Most of the time i eat their Sukiyaki and some sides.
Their beef is so tender and soft as u can see
it doesnt looked like the same kind of beef we eat elsewhere.
I ordered their Unagi Agadashitoufu as well.
Pretty special
It tasted pretty similar like any aga toufu
but the thing is they fried them together with a slice of unagi.
So its kind of taste saltish from the eel and simple from the toufu.

Their prices are quite reasonable.

Total damage for the night is S$32
7 Upper East Coast Road, #01-03

Sunday, November 19, 2006

a calm vibe

If there is one thing the Germans are good at,
it is their masterfully brewed beers that have captivated the taste palates of many around the world.
The Brotzeit German Bier Bar and Restaurant that was opened towards the end of October 2006
in mega mall Vivocity is amongst one of the first restaurants in Singapore to tap on that notoriety.

Brotzeit is actually derived from a popular Bavarian expression
that translates to “bread-time” (“brot” means bread, and “zeit” means time)
- a simple phrase that is to be inferred to having a small meal to complement a wholesome beer.

Like any restuarant they serve food throughout the day.

Their food choices has quite alot of food.
Ranging from salads, soups,German multi-grain bread with food toppings,
German-styled pizza, pasta, famous German sausages and other main courses.
Those looking for a light snack to accompany their beers
can also choose from a wide range of finger food
and other sides that are designed to further tease out the aromas of the various beers.

If you happen to be a bier lover and always looking for export beers this is the place for u.
This place served the most variety for German beers.
Offering the widest selection of German beers of century old craftsmanship in Singapore.

And what's so best about it is they serve very fantastic sausages as well at affordable price.
You know how it feels having beer,susages and good ambience with a great view.

We had a platter of Gänseleberwurst ($26.50), a side dish of greens ($4.50) and two 0.5l of draft beer($9 each).

It was a great place to chill out. Apart from the authentic German feel of Brotzeit,
patrons here can also seat themselves on the designer leather benches and long wooden tables,
and bask in its breezy atmosphere with unobstructed views of the harbour and of the beautiful Sentosa island.