Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lee Hup Lee Seafood -Changi Village Hawker Centre

This Cze Char stall is always packed with diners anytime of the week for dinner.
I went there pretty late last Sun night and i still have to wait awhile for dinner.
The food came and the smell just blew mi off my seat.
Everything is so so good.
Beside the sting ray. I love everything that i ordered.
I am going back to eat their famous crab and steam fish soon.

potato leaves sambal veg, lala in special sauce, frog legs,sting ray, 2 rice, one big bitter gourd soup
The bill just came to 40bucks for everyhting i ordered !!

Food Quality : 4.2/5
Pricing :4.5/5

Lee Hup Lee Seafood.
Changi Village Hawker Centre


The coffee is really up to standard here
But not the food.
Was rushing off to work last week so decided to have a quick lunch
Lunch was disappointing.

Mushroom tomato bruschetta served cold, bad.
Onion Soup ?? damm oily.
Pasta ?? Nothing much cheese taste.

Food Quality :2.5/5
Pricing : 3/5

Raffles City Basement One

All time favourite Nasi Padang Stall

Nasi Padang is a dish where customers literally customize what they want to eat.
A set meal of steamed rice, one main dish and two side dishes is priced at $4. Customers usually pick more from the array and have it “packet” or “eat in”.
This is the place to go whenever i have craving for nasi padang food.
Good food, good price, good ambience.
Their chendol is good too ..

Food Quality :4.2/5
Ambience :4/5

Sabah Menanti
48 Kandahar Street (S)198899
Daily: 9am - 6pm
Telephone : 63966919

Lunch at TCC

Fish in Miso sauce.

Not bad.
But can be better if they replace the fish to a more softer kind of fish.

Quality :3.7/5
Pricing :4/5

Bugis Junction outlet.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Chin Mee Chin revisited

Craved for some coffee yesterday morning after i woke up.
So decided to pop by CMC as i did had a great eating experience a month ago.
The place is pretty empty at about 1-ish.
I ordered my usual kopi and eggs.

The kopi came, it was so bland that tasted like water.
Too dilute. I tot this is the only coffeeshop that serve coffee that tasted so god damm good in any time of the day, any day in the week.
The second visit proved it wrong..

Couple of minutes later my eggs came.
I broke my eggs into half pour them out onto my plate.
WTF. Its all transparent and almost uncooked. You can only see like 5% of the egg is cook. Immediately i return is back to the server.
10mins later they return one that looked like what i ate a month ago.
The kopi being bad is disappointing enough. And the eggs just... tsskk..

Totally spoil my morning.

Chin Mee Chin Coffee Shop
204 East Coast Road
8.30am -4pm
Closed on Monday

Si Chuan Dou Hua

Making used of my UOB vouchers, tonight i finally made my way down to UOB plaza for some Chinese Food.
The place made me feel very comfortable so are the tables and chairs.
But the main dinning area is too noisy for me so i changed my place which is some tables by the window to some corridor table.
MUCH MUCH BETTER. I love the entire environment the restaurant gave. Servers are extremely helpful and polite.

We ordered mainly ' Chuan cai ' which is why we are there for.
Mainly si chuan food.Sichuan cuisine is recognised by China as one of its eight representative dishes
and is typically prepared individually in small frying pots to retain the wide variety of distinctive tastes - hot, spicy, scorching, fresh, and fragrance

Shortly after being seated down the serve who serve tea came ans show his stunt on our tea cups.
8 treasure tea. Impressive.

We ordered a pork as cold dish. Pretty kai wei to me.
2 kinds of soup. Si Chuan Soup and herbal chicken with lingzhi. Nice.

Next came our chicken and cod fish in wine sauce.
The chicken thou looked bland but it tasted great. Pretty light as a main dish.
The cod fish even thou being fried, the meat tasted soft and nice. Not dry at all. Fav dish of the day.

Broccoli with real lots of crab meats ontop.

Si Chuan za jiang mian in soup base !! It's my first time eating this noodle in soup base.

Lastly our Si Chuan red bean paste pancake and beancurd.
I like the pancake personally. Neither oily nor sweet. I can eat quite a few.
Again, beancurd. Nothing can compare to rochor.

Generally it's a really nice place for dinner, we enjoyed it.

Food Quality : 4/5
Pricing : 3.2/5

TOP of UOB Plaza
80 Raffles Place, #60-01 UOB Plaza 1,
Singapore 048624
Tel: (65) 6535 6006
Fax: (65) 6534 5875

Opening hours:
11.30am - 2.30pm
6.30pm - 10.30pm

Monday, September 10, 2007

En Dining

I'm back to this place again.
Been missing the food badly.
Tonight the food once again didnt let me down.
Every single dish that i ordered tasted so good.

No visit is perfect without ordering their famous Okinawa fried shrimps and garlic fried rice.
I really like their fried rice very much.
Checked out their daily special. I ordered the fried daikon and pork in spicy sauce. Its nice..
I also ordered a mug of super chilled asahi, beef,crabs,6 assorted skewers, gindara.
How yummmyyyy

Food Quality :4.5/5
Pricing :4/5

Address :UE Square #01-57
207 River Valley Road (S)238275
Opening Hours : Sun-Thurs: 6pm to 12am
Fri, Sat & Eve of public holidays: 6pm to 3am
Telephone : 67352212

Please make reservations before heading down.

Porta Porta

Everything Italian Seafood.
Totally worth the distance.
Tucked in the faraway changi road, somewhere near changi person is home of Porta Porta.
I love everything in here.
Ince u entered the small restaurant.
U felt as if u were sitting at a cosy living room of some italian friend.
The food is fabulous though pricey.
But its worth it.
In here is where u can find some pasta and italian food that is uncommon.
Nothing like what u eat in those restaurant u found outside.
Prawn sauce ??? first time i heard of that. Neither tomato base nor cream base. Wonderful.

I love the mixed starters even thou is abit pricey.
It surprised me when it was bought to my table but after tasting it, it impressed me.
Nothing fanciful just some chopped zuchini, mushroom,red orange pepper with some olive oil and bread
and yet everything tasted so well. Light and good enough to wake my stomach for the main course.
All four vegetables are soaked in oilve oil but all olive oil tasted different. $14 bucks?? But i'll come back ordering this again.

2 mains :
Pasta in creamy prawn sauce. I adore this dish. Al dente, wonderful sauce, generous fresh prawns given. ($22)
Fillet Chicken in homemade tomato sauce. This is pretty average to me but i polished everything on the plate up. ($22)

Dessert :
Granny Smith tart. Custard cream topped with lemon.
Something i hate about desserts is that they are always too sweet. But this dessert is really not sweet at all and u can really eat it and knowing it right thru your taste buds that it really tasted homemade.

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Pricing :3.2/5

Opening Hrs:
12pm - 2pm, 6.30pm - 9.15pm Close Mon
Tues-Thurs - Bring your own wine with no corkage fees.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

next best option for beancurd craving

The queue is long
not to buy beancurd but you tiao and some other fried stuffs
bout among those oily food, i chose to queue for their beancurd.
I can say.. i kinder like it.

Quality : 4/5

Suntec City Food Republic
Suntec Conventional Hall Level One