Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lee Hup Lee Seafood -Changi Village Hawker Centre

This Cze Char stall is always packed with diners anytime of the week for dinner.
I went there pretty late last Sun night and i still have to wait awhile for dinner.
The food came and the smell just blew mi off my seat.
Everything is so so good.
Beside the sting ray. I love everything that i ordered.
I am going back to eat their famous crab and steam fish soon.

potato leaves sambal veg, lala in special sauce, frog legs,sting ray, 2 rice, one big bitter gourd soup
The bill just came to 40bucks for everyhting i ordered !!

Food Quality : 4.2/5
Pricing :4.5/5

Lee Hup Lee Seafood.
Changi Village Hawker Centre

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