Wednesday, February 28, 2007

final episode of balinese food

An oasis in Legian.
Ketupat Restaurant.

When you drive down the narrow path beside and behind Jonathan's Gallery in Jalan Legian,
in the middle of bustling Kuta, the last thing you expect to see is the serene and romantic setting of the Ketupat restaurant.
An open building faces the swimming pool on one side,
whilst tables and chairs are scattered around the pool edges.
Behind them, for the romantically inclined, are a series of private little cabana's.
In the main building a series of small open balconies each accommodate a table for two, overhanging the swimming pool, with larger tables behind them in the room proper.

It's really hard to locate local good authentic Indo/Balinese Food in Bali.
Nevertheless we found a good Indonesia Restaurant found along Legian Street.
This is one restaurant best for small group of diners that require lots of privacy.
The restaurant offers large variety of food in small portion.

As u can see from the food colours they must all be so spicy ?
Actually the hotness and the natural flavour of the food and sauce blend in together very well.
I can say this restaurant is definately a best choice for a good dining experience.

Food Quality : 4/5
Price : 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5

Kuta,Jln. Legian 109, Kuta.
[behind Jonathon's Gallery]
Tel : 754.209

Bali Photo Gallery Part Two

Bali is very identical with its culture. This relation makes Bali as a magnet for visitors coming to Bali.
Among them are certainly difficult to distinguish religion, culture and art.
As all of them are integrated into a unity.
However, Hindu Religion in Bali seems to be a stream for the development of culture and art in Bali.
Bali is very different culturally and religiously to rest of Indonesia.
95 % of Balinese people are Hindu.
Bali follows a branch of Hinduism that is quite different from India.

For local balinese housing architectual they built it the way like a human
Where it's dvided into the head, being the most scared place, the body and the leg.
The body will be an area where the living rooms and sleeping areas are.
Lastly the leg will be considered of lowest importance where bustle services are done.

The main gate of a higer income family

The head of the house where u can see alters and religion statues are displayed
This is the area where religion services are done.

The body, living room.

Above are pictures of how a traditional Balinese house will look like.
Unlike any houses that we know of, their house are very big and the entire place are not roofed.
Is just like a open air podium where many relatives of the same family will live together.
What we saw above are of a higer income family.
Houses of a poorer income do have similar structure, the only difference would be the house will be lessly decorated
Traditional Balinese holds a very strong family bondage.
No matter how poor the family is there will always be a roof for them
As a house like the above will last the family for a minimum of 10generations.
Many or rather all of them still do live with their slibings and grandparents.

Local Balinese heading back home after temple service

Tanah Lot, temple on a cliff

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bali Photos Gallery !!!

Having said so much about Bali
Lets side track alittle from F&B to R&R
So let the pictures paint the pretty island to words.

This is the very famous kuta beach. A long stretch of sandy beach with beautiful sunset.

Cruise away on a private sailing yatch to the nearby island Nusa Lembongan.

A local balinese harvesting seaweed on Nusa Lembongan island.

Padi field found along the way to Kintamani

The only Padi Terrence found in Bali

There is two active volcanoes found in Bali, we went up to Kintamani to see this

Bali Part 4


No need much explaination for the best donuts in the world.
Krispy Kreme is in Bali.
Not Singapore not Malaysia but Bali.
Donut Factory in Raffles City should really stand aside for this fabulous donut maker
Established since 1983 from New Orleans, KK is not stopping anytime but still growing internationally.

Want a KK in Singapore ??
U need a minimum $30kUSD for just bbuying the name.

Bali, Indonesia
Discovery Shopping Centre

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Bintang Beer, Bali Part Three

When anyone is in Bali ?
Who can resist their cheap beers ?
So everyday Bintang replaces all kinds of beverage.

The label says "best enjoyed with friends."
enough said this is one of the best refeshing beer around.
Excellent Shit.

Like i said, seminyak is full of upmarket restaurant, cafes, eateries and lounge.
Im totally addicted to this place; KuDeta.
Located right at the long sandy stretch of Seminyak.

Seminyak beach is one of the nicest beach in Bali
Alot cleaner and alot more privacy compared to Kuta.
There is alot of surfing going on the ocean if the swell is good.

In Brazil there is Cafe Del Mar, in Bali there is KuDeTa.
I would really recommend this place.
Pls drop by if you ever visit Bali.

Food Quality : 4/5
Price : 3.8/5
Service : 4/5
Ambience: 5/5

Bali Explosion Part Two

What Bali has alot is nothing but alot of nice scenery
Wonderful air and breath-taking sights
Bali is a city so full of culture and most of the locals are Hindus
Every few metres along the roads, temples can be seen everywhere.
One of the temple open to tourist is a temple located on a cliff
Tanah Lot, the highest temple in Bali.

Tahah Lot is also one of the nicest place to catch a perfect sunset.
But unfortunately when i was there the sky was kind of gray

It's located 16 kilometers west of International Airport Ngurah Rai,
or a 20 minutes drive through Sunset Road.
In front of the Kediri police Station, turn left, and keep following this smooth road.
In less than 10 minutes you will be there. Admission is Rp 1,000.- per person.

Bali is also a very good place to eat fresh and cheap seafood.
Unfortunately when i was there Jimbaran Bay was in renovation.
So i felt kind of sad to hear that.
Jimbaran Bay has a stretch of eateries located along the beach
Each and every stalls there sell lots of grilled fresh seafood.

So while this place is under renovation one of it shop moved over to tanah lot.
So it became a even heavenly place to eat the freshiest seafood.
Located on a cliff facing the sea under a wholelot of starry sky.

So here on the table we have a platter of seafood for two.
We have grilled fish grilled in two kind of sauce, soy sauce and balinese sauce.
We have mussles, lobster,sotongs and prawns.
They are all very fresh but they are not cheap.
Good locations never come cheap.
The food quality is not as good as compared to Jimbaran Bay
I would gladly give this place a miss as there are many better eateries in Bali.

Food Quality : 3/5
Price : 2.5/5
Ambience :4/5

Bali Explosion Part One

Bali is so picturesque that you could be fooled into thinking it was a painted backdrop:
rice paddies trip down hillsides like giant steps, volcanoes soar through the clouds,
the forests are lush and tropical, and the beaches are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean.
Bali has so much of everything
from nature to culture to religion to accomodation and to food.

When u heard of Bali what kind of food will you be thinking ?
Indonesian Food ? Balinese Food ???
Sad no, apart from local cheap eat warung
a city like Bali has been so much so commercialised till its hard to look for decent Indonesian Restuarant.
The city itself gain 99% of its income from purely tourism.
Therefore from much diversion alot of western cusine can be found in Bali.
This is to mostly cater to caucasians tourists. They have no problem find familiar food of their own in Bali.

In Bali there are many many beautiful architectual.
There will be any roadside warung to upmarket posh restaurant opening in any corner of Bali.
After overcrowding Kuta, many restuarant and potentials boutique hotels and villas are opening up
and manifesting Seminyak.

The first dinner i ate when i reached Bali was at this very famous restaurant at Kuta.
Made Warung.
Established in 1969


So how does chinese kind economy food looks like to you ?
So here we are eating this Nasi Campur( mixed rice).
They give a variety of everything on this plate of rice.
Variety like redang,mutton,chicken, fish,veggie etc etc
It cost about $9.

Food Quality : 4/5
Spicy degree : 4/5

We ordered a bowl of mutton meat.
Big chunky delicious mutton and the sauce in the bowl is delicious as well but it can be abit too oily if u intend to drink it like tht. But anyhow, who can resist ?

Food Quality : 3.5/5
Spicy Degree:3/5

Lastly we have indonesian satay.
We saw many people ordering it so we tried it as well.
But the meat was nicely barbequed and the sauce was slightly different from our Malaysia or Singapore kind.
I still like our local satay. Its less dry.

Food Quality : 3/5
Spicy Degree: nil

Overall Food Quality : 4/5
Price: 3.5/5
Ambience :3.8/5

Jalan Raya Seminyak - Bali - 80361
phone +62 361 736969 | fax +62 361 73 6767