Sunday, April 29, 2007

Taste of Thailand - Bei Sheng Restaurant

I travelled all the way from the East to Yishun Ave 5 to fill my stomach up with some thai food.
But what we had, which i feel is not so Thai food. But rather, good neighbourhood Cze Char.
This is the place u wana be at for similar good food when u dun like the heat and oily feeling u get hawker centres

We drove past the restaurant and we saw the long queue outside.
And we said, oh is true tht the queue is really long yah.
But the management of this restaurant is very efficient. Once we get there they got down our name and gave us the menu so we can tell them what we wana order even before we got ourselves a table.
We waited for about 30mins and got a table inside. We sat down and they set the table immediately.

5 mins later. All our food arrive. We went like.. wow.. so fast.

So we order what's best on their menu.
We had kang kong, cereal prawns, fried fish in thai sauce, Pork Ribs, Tom Yum, Pineapple Rice

I feel the highlights from this restaurants is the fish, prawns, veg and the pineapple rice.

The food here is fresh and cheap.
I don't mind visiting this place more often if i stay somewhere near it.
The bill comes up to a total of $74 bucks for 7peoples and 7dishes with 7 drinks.
And i got 4bucks off when i paid for our bills. How great.

Food Quality:4/5
Food Price :4.2/5
Ambience : 3.8/5
Service: 4.5/5

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Different Taste Cafe & Restaurant

No GST, No Service Charge.

Hidden along the short stretch of Frankel avenue lies a few restaurant.
There's Gourment Plus, Cedele Depot, Swiss Bakery, Blue Lobster and Different Taste.

If u feels like having chinese home cooked food but feeling too lazy to cook
u can actaully head down to Different Taste.
They serve pretty decent food.

Kang Kong ($6)
Pork Rib ($8)
Prawn Roll ($8)

Food Quality : 3.5/5
Food Pricing : 3.5/5
Service : 4/5
Ambience :3.8/5

Different Taste Cafe & Resturant
111 Frankel Avenue
Singapore 519559
Tel : 6241 6518

more riceeee @ Rakuzen

This evening i went back to Rakuzen after being tempted by my own entry on Rakuzen.
I went back for their RICE.

I ordered their Curry Rice ($14) tonight.

It was one of the best i ever ate. Slice chicken with very delicious potato that instantly mash in ur mouth topped with very delicious polished rice. I think it would be better if the slice chicken is fried. But nonetheless, it was Fantastic.

Apart from the Curryju, we had the very value for money 7 slice of salmon sashimi for $8. And teriyaki Gindara ($14).

Cold udon that comes with quail egg and some garnish by the side ($10)
The udon is too tough for my liking, Waraku's udon is definately nicer.

Ebi sushi with flying roe ($8)

more sashimi, more rice more rakuzen please

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Price:3.5/5

Millenia Walk #01-14
9 Raffles Boulevard
(S) 039596
Tel: 6333 1171

Thursday, April 26, 2007


A farely new japanense restuarant located at Millenia Walk.
Rakezen is the place to be if u have sashimi and japanese grill cravings.
The sashimi apart from being fresh, its really value for money.
No restuarant serve 7slices of salmon at $8 bucks.

We had a grill Cod fish ($14) which was really good, assorted grilled skewers($20) and a sukiyaki set($22).

Ingredients used in Rakuzen are mostly imported from Japan.
I will go back and eat more fresh sashimi and try the other grilled food.
The sukiyaki didnt go well for me as the soup is bland and yet ultra sweet. And worst of all the beef is already over cooked when served.
The rice and chawamushi that comes with it is delicious too.

As u walked from the entrace to the restaurant seating area, they will introduce the make of their rice.
So what's so special? According to them, their rice is sourced from one particular farm, and is polished in the restaurant itself to retain its fragrance.

Apart from Rakuzen fine food, the restaurant offers ultimate privacy to diners.
The place can seats around 120 pax. Most of the seating area are being seperated with draw doors.
So there are many little cabins u can choose to sit in.
If u intend to go in a big group, they have private rooms to accomodate the crowd.
Round table with sofas that sits ard 6pax and conveyor belts sitting are also available.

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Price:3.5/5

Millenia Walk #01-14
9 Raffles Boulevard
(S) 039596
Tel: 6333 1171

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Arnold's Chicken

Handsdown Mr Kentucky.
Established since 1984, Arnold's has been hiding on a quiet corner of City Plaza.
Arnold's, very much like a fast food joint. They serve chickens, potatos, fish and chips and some desert.
What really worth the try is their chicken.
Really crispy on the outside and juicy in the inside and the plus things is the oil doesnt lingers in your mouth.
For half a spring chicken that comes with 2 sides and a drink it cost only $4.90. Cheap ehh ??
The potato platters with cheese dips cost $4.90.
It really cheap and good. The outlet is usually packed. Do go and try if u yet to eat their chickens before.

They also do delivery combos whichthe price is rather cheap. But only to location from Kalland to Pasir Ris.
Eg : 10piece chicken 1 whole srping chicken many sides and a few drinks at only $35.90.
How much can u eat from KFC with merely $35 bucks ??

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Price : 4/5
Ambience : 3.5/5
Service : 4/5

Arnold's Fried Chicken
#02-99 City Plaza
Singapore 409286
Tel : 64762372
Open till 10.30pm


Steamy hot buffet steamboat at M Hotel.

Nothing beats having hot yummy soup during a cold weather.
Dinner was at MHotel.
Picture paints a thousand word. All selections are shown in the pictures above.
We have promfet, bamboo clams, fresh oyster, fresh drunken prawns, crabs, mussles, all sorts of meat and vegetables
etc etc.

Choices of soup base are tom yum , chicken soup or herbal soup.

As for deserts we have nonya kuays, french cakes, red bean soup, cheng teng and durain sago, ice cream and fruits

One thing to really compliment on this restaurant. The food is really fresh. So what makes a great meal joyful??
Definately is fresh ingredients. This place is worth a try if u want a quiet dinner to wind a busy day and a happy meal.

Price for per person is $38. But is 1-1 if u are a la carte member or holders of certain credit card.

Food Quality : 4/5
Price : 4/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience : 4/5

M Hotel Singapore
81 Anson Road
Level 2
Singapore 079908
Tel : 6421 6226

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Marutama Ra-Men

Being a fan of food blog i would not go to bed till i finished googling about wat people have to say of the food they eat everynight.
So after surfing on ChubbyHubby site, a food photographer for food magazine.
I went to a pure japanese ramen restaurant in central that he reccomended.
Central can easily be another little tokyo, with more and more little japanese restaurant opening at every corner.

"Marutama Ra-Men is the first Southeast Asian outlet of an established Saitama and Tokyo-based ramen shop. For the time being, owner and head-chef Tetsuya Kudoh is here in town, overseeing the little restaurant’s operations and ensuring that the food is of the highest quality. His menu is simple. The ramen is served in a savoury chicken soup. Diners are asked to choose between having it normal or spicy. Then you choose what items to have in your ramen." -ChubbyHubby.

And so we had the Char Siew Ramen and the five Grain Ramen.
Personally, i prefer the 7nuts soup better.
Its more refreshing to eat. But the meatballs that comes together with the 7nuts soup is not too nice.
The meat just taste like normal pork, nothing too fantastic.
But the char siew that they have is nice. The meat is tender and it goes together with the ramen very well.

Food Quality :3.5/5
Food Pricing :3.5/5
Service : 3.8/5
Ambience :4/5

Marutama Ra-Men
Central, Clarke Quay


alright here is jus deserts pictures posted because the mains are all in my stomach before i remember anything.
i tell u the food here is good.
A good place to dine in with small group as the servings are not too huge.
The mango sticky rice is heaven but the downside is just abit pricey($10.90)
The tapoica with coconut milk($3.00) is good too. So far i don't quite eat this kind of sweet deserts
but Aroy Thai's deserts are good enough for me to cant stop eating.

The mains served in this family-run restaurant is really good.
Very much comparable to Lemon Grass.
The food is indeed authentic enough as this mini restaurant is purely run by thais.
The service is abit slow in clearing tables, serving ice water and taking orders during dinner time
but if the food is so good, who really care abt those unorganised service?
At least they don't take a million years to serve our food.
I totally enjoyed eating there even if its really spicy and i would want to go back for more.

Food Quality : 4.5/5
Food Pricing : 3.7/5
Ambience : 3/5
Service :3/5

Aroy Thai
GoodWill Court
Siglap Road

Rocky's Pizza & Pasta @ The Rail Mall

So it was pizza and this eat already very shiok meatball with cheese for lunch this afternoon at The Rail Mall.
It was a sudden decision to go explore this place.
Nothing much, big cold storage, and many little restuarants.
And so we entered Rocky's located at the very end of rail mall.

The place was really simple and down to earth.
The food was decent enough to go back for more.
Just too little of us to try all the variety. I would say the pasta is cheap and the specialities are tempting.
The bread and the thickness of the pizza is just nice.
The ingredients although was normal but i wouldnt say is bad.
It's decent.
The meatball is good. The meat is very well marinated and it goes very well with the sauce and cheese.

Food Quality : 3.5/5
Food Price : 3.5/5
Ambience :3.5/5
Service :3.5

Rocky's Pizza and Pasta
The Rail Mall