Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Birthday dinner spree @ The Cliff

Nevermind the late post. What u will be seeing later will be pictures of great food.
REALLY FANTASTIC food. If i caps it. You just got to trust me.
The food is really really good here. And reservations is definately needed if u wana sit by the seaview area.
I made reservations two weeks in advance.
The restaurant is facing the South China Sea at The Beaufort@ Sentosa.
A complete view of the ocean while dining with complete privacy.
Across the sky is just a horizon of passing tankers and boats.

Extensive menus with names that i cant pronouce or understand.
So i just ordered those that i can understand.

Even the complimentary bread is different.
U eat them not with olive oil or butter. But indian spices. And it tasted so good that i finished the entire bread.

Some surprise came along the way, each of us has a complimentary starter.
I forgot wat's called. But it still tasted as awesome

I had tunas made in 3ways.

Foie Gras with duck confit spring roll, Cod Fish with asparagus sauce and lastly beef.
They do sounded basic eh ?? But i can tell you they all tasted heavenly. Yes. All of them.

No dinner is complete without sweet indulgence.
So we had the very popular chocolate molton lava cake with ice cream.
They all tasted so fantastic.
This kind of dinner can only be once or twice a year spree.

Food Quality : 4.5/5
Price : 3.5/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 4/5

The Cliff
Beaufort Hotel, Sentosa.

Burgers and more Burgers at Blooies

Name any western food.
Burgers,lamb rack,fish and chips,salad,chicken wings,calamari,fries,pasta.
U name it Blooies have it.
And not only they have it. They tasted great. And their servings are huge.
Normally 2person would share a main.
The burgers at Brewerkscannot be compared to the ones at Blooies.

Situated at Jalan Tua Kong in Siglap, Blooies is open by 2 canadians.
They have two other outlets in Singapore. One in Science park and the other at Railway mall.
Rustic and peaceful is all i can say about the one in Siglap.
A great place to unwind after a long day with just some cheese fries and Stella.
So we were there on Sunday night to celebrate birthday.

hello this is the Sin-To-Death cant lay ur hands off cheese fries.


BBQ chicken wings

Fish and Chips

Portobello mushroom beef burger

Sloppy chilli dog

Great food with refreshing beer.
What can one ask for more after a tiring day at work ??

Food Quality : 4
Price : 3.7
Ambience :4
Service : 3

Siglap, Jalan Tua Kong.


The restaurant set alongside at the quiet side of Duxton Hill is of a completely different scene as compared to 30metres away across the public carpark. Gone is the blasting noise of music and patrons and ladies from the pubs.
As u walked towards Broth u will passed by a series of pretty shophouses.

I stepped into the restaurant, i was welcomed by a friendly waiter and soft jazz playing at the background.
We set near the door and we looked through our menu.
"Just to inform u that broth of the day is mushroom soup and pasta is linguine with slice beef and pesto"
Sounds good eh ?
They have revolving menu which means the food is not always the same.

So we had two glass of whites. Shortly after we were sitted they bring out our ice water and complimentary bread.

We ordered white snails with spinach as appetizers, mushroom broth, lamb loin and pasta of the day.

I like how the snails are made, the sauce is nice and everything goes well together.
The broth is not too bad either but nothing too innovative.

As for the mains, the lamb loin is nicely done. It comes with some greens and roast potato.
The sauce is too sweet for me but if u eat it together with the meat it goes fine.

The pasta didnt goes well for me i guess. Everything was too dry and the sauce is nothing fantastic.
The slice beef was too dry that it just tasted like chicken

Overall, it was a really nice experience at Broth and i will go back again for other food.
It definately offered complete privacy and great food.

Food Quality : 3.8/5
Ambience : 3.5/5
Price : 3/5
Serive : 4/5

21 Duxton Hill