Friday, June 29, 2007

Cold Rock all the way from Australia

is here, is here...

anybody who been to Australi should be able to identify this new ice cream palour in holland village.
Cold rock first Australian store opened in 1996 has many stores all over in their regions.

U choose it,

Mix it,

Smashed it.

The prices are much higher compared to in Australia.
But it seems like money is not the problem to most people.
The crowd seems to love it.

Cold Rock
Holland Village

Azabu Sabo

Azabu Sabo, the japanese restaurant that took japanese desert scene by storm.
Shortly after u can see macha ice cream, azuki etc and other japanese sweet deserts almost everywhere in singapore.
Infact, all these japanese deserts have been around for a very long time.
Small unheard local japanese eats serve those sweet homemade deserts long before Azabu Sabo opened.

But i guess Azabu Sabo is the one that really influence the market and slowly many other Japaneses restaurant wanabe followed their menu.
Today, there are 36 outlets in various parts of Japan, ranging from Hokkaido in the North to Okinawa in the South as well as 18 outlets in Taiwan and 4 in Hong Kong, and now one in marina sqaure and a few other Azabu Sabo ice cream palour.

This popular japanese restaurant will be the place to be in whenever u wana have that desert fix.
Apart from their fancy deserts they do serve a range of japanese food. No sashimi or sushi but bentos,ramen and

Some of the food we always order are their Cold Ramen with Seafood($13.80) and their all time favourite deserts.
The ramen is served together with mayo and sesame sauce with lots of fresh prawns, meat, squid and vegetables.

There is a change of menu the last time i visted the restaurant.
So we ordered their new fried udon with seafood and beef ($17.80).
It tasted nice but i guess its abit pricey. It could be much better if is much cheaper.

On our table there is Tempura Udon($13.80), Baked Wild Mushrooms($4.80)

Macha Zen which is green tea ice cream with red bean and some dumpling balls( $7.80)
Sweet Potato Green Tea with Soft Cream Ice Cream($7.80) and Hokkaido Hotball with custard cream in it.($6.80)

Food Quality : 4.2/5
Food Pricing:3.8/5

Marina Square Outlet
6 Raffles Boulevard #02-170 / 171
Marina Square Singapore 039594
T: +65 6338 1244
F: +65 6338 4080

Wild Oats bar on a hill.

I was around the area last night so i thought why not go dine at wild rockets.
So when i entered the somehow unpack restuarant, i was told that the restaurant was full and the next table is only at 9pm.
I was pretty surprised.
Then we decided to have a drink and snack at Wild Oats.

We had the one of their cocktail, Apple and Lime Caprina, Pear Cider, Pamersan Wings, Feta Wanton and Sassy Hotdog.

The ambience is no chichi at all. Casual and cosy with soft soothing music, a great place to chill for awhile after work.
The staffs are young and friendly as well. The low side is the palce is abit hot.

sorry for the bad photos, the indoor is really dark.

The beer arrived first and when im almost done with half of my beer the cocktail then arrive.
After almost done with our drink which is like 20mins later, the food then start to arrive slowly.
They asked if they could put the sauce on the wings itself because they run out of side plates.
But the lounge plus me there is only 2tables that is taken up.
I asked for chilly sauce they told me they do not serve chilly sauce but they do have ketchap
So shortly after the server came over and told me they run out of ketchap. hmmm..

The food was nothing fantastic. Its edible but for the hotdog, i do not fancy.
Orange julius or Ikea hotdogs are much better
at least they are soft and warm.
I can get the hotdogs at $3 bucks so i dont see why i need to pay $9 bucks for tht.

The cocktail there serve here is much better than outside.
Generous on the liqueur and innovation on their menu.

To keep the customers rolling in and happy, their kitchen should really match up the standard of wild rocket.
It is a nice place, they really need to improve themselve.

“we distrust camels or anyone who can go for a week without a drink”

Food Quality : 3/5
Food Pricing:3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5

emily hill
11 upper wilkie road
Singapore 228 120

telephone number
6336 5413

opening hours
tues - sundays
6 pm - 12 midnight

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A night at Little India.

There is nowhere special to go in Singaporeans.
So tonight the boring chinese headed to little india and have some indian food.
It's my first time eating indian vegetarian food. So its about hard for me to rate their food.
But according to my friends, this is a popular indian vegetarian restuarant among the locals.
We have no idea what to order so we seek help from the friendly lady in charge.
She told us she will serve us with what's nice for the first comers.
Soon after she brought us their Murtabak and Masala Dosai.
The murtabak tasted average to me, i still preferred those with lots of cheese,chicken and mushroom dip in curry.
But the dosai and nasi bryani are nice. The dosai which is indian crepe is wrapped with some potato and spices. You eat it together with the sauces all together.

Vegetarian indian food is really high in carbohydrates and protein. So if u do not fancy carbs then u better not try.

Food Quality:3.5/5
Food Pricing:3.5.5

19 Upper Dickson Road
Singapore 207478
Tel : 63967768

Dim Sum's Deserts

I love the food in Crystal Jade, I know i will definately be served with good edible food no matter which outlet im at.
From eating at the normal Crystal Jade to Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao to Crystal Jade Dining In,
they never fails to make me a happy kid after lunch or dinner...
Each outlet has it own special dish that makes me drool over and over again.
Today i decided to move from american brunch to chinese dim sum.
I headed down to VivoCity and wanted to have some dim sum at Crystal Jade Dining-In.
There are so much food i wana try in there. But there is only so much my stomach can accomodate.
After filling my stomach to almost 99% full. I kept the 1% free for deserts.
And as for deserts, again there is so much i wana order.
I had to make hard decisions to decide between all those that i wana order.
In the end i ordered the Almond Tart, Almond Cream and Green Tea with sesame paste dumplings.

The green tea with sesame paste dumplings are my all time favourite. I have to eat them everytime i am there.

and as for the almond tart, i ordered because i thought it was special. Everywhere is only egg tarts, so i decided to try it.
The crust was damm soft and crispy and the almond paste just goes so well together with the crust.

As for the almond cream. It's much better than those served outside because this is cooked together with egg white.
Meaning there wasnt too strong a taste and smell of the almond itself.

i can eat them week after week after week.

Food Quality : 4.5/5
Food Pricing : 3.8/5
Service: 4/5

Crystal Jade Dining-In
1 HarbourFront Walk 01-112, VivoCity
Tel: 6278-5626

Open: 11.30am to 3pm, 6 to 10.30pm (Mondays to Fridays);
11am to 6pm, 6 to 10.30pm (Saturdays);
10.30am to 4pm, 6 to 10.30pm (Sundays and public holidays)

Ben and Jerry @ Dempsey Road

After the much hyped at Dempsey Hill; the new dining/chilling out enclave apart from One Rochester, has a new comer.
The cow too wana move to share the pie at the hill too.
Ben and Jerry has a large dining in outlet at Dempsey.
The owner also added a twist, apart from serving mainly ice-cream,
CA California serves soups, salads and sandwiches lunch menu before going on to brunch and dinner menus on weekends.
It shares a 4,200-sq-ft space with the ice cream store and is uniquely decorated to resemble a ranch home,
complete with high ceilings, wood panels recycled from the original building, antique brickwork, old-style wood shelving and, yes, even a living room area with a faux fireplace.

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Pricing:4/5
Food Service:3.5/5
Food Ambience:4/5

CA California
at Ben & Jerry's ranch home
8B Dempsey Road
Tel: 6473-3231

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Black Forest 2007.

I love the cakes here.

Robertson Walk
11 Unity Street, #01-09
Robertson Walk
Singapore 237995

Miharu - Gyoza

Heard Miharu opened a Gyoza restaurant next to them
so tonight I decided to head down to Gallery Hotel to test it out.
It was indeed directly beside Miharu. The interior and everything looks nicer,cleaner and cooler then Miharu.
The menu is really limited so we decided to order almost everything.

We ordered the Gyoza set meal ($8.65), which consists of 6pieces of Gyoza, Veggies, Rice,Soup and Pickles.
We also ordered the boiled gyoza and braised pork.
Ok, i am not a fan for fatty meat. But at least i tried.
Its really tender the fats. I think it tasted nice enough.

The Gyoza tasted better than those prepacked frozen Gyoza.
Its a very fast and comfy meal. The set meal is filling enough and
its almost like a simple home cook food. I enjoyed the dinning experience overall.

Food Quality : 3.8/5
Food Pricing : 3.8/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 4/5

Gyoza No Miharu
76 Roberston quay #01-12
The Gallery Hotel S(238254)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Marmalade Pantry

Lotsa good things to eat.
Good food
Good beverage
Good desert

The ultimate comfort on a non-working day is to put delicious food into our over worked stomach
I have been wanting to dine at marmalade pantry for the longest time but i never gets any chance till last saturday.
I reached the place at about 12plus and the restuarant was already kinder packed.
Slightly after i have placed my order there were diners queueing to get themselves a seat. Thank God i was slightly earlier.

There are lots of food on the menu. I cant decide what to order.
After some reccomendations by the server, i ordered their soup of the day.
Crab Casear, Foie Gras Burger, a latte, a cuppacino, delux chocolate cupcakes and beetroot with celery.

The chicken chowder was on the average side. But the bread that comes with it is really nice.
It is just like the old traditional chinese bakery kind of bread. They toasted it just nice and applied some cheese over.
It tasted so good on its own and even better if u dip it onto the soup.

The crab salad as told by the server is that they used fresh crab meat.
When the salad was brought to my table i had a shock. Because the serving is huge.
The crab meat indeed tasted so fresh and juicy.

The foie Gras Burger was abit of disappointing.
Apart from the nice warm bun, i find the meat abit bland after eating about 1/3 of the burger.

They have a display case with lots of cupcakes in it.
I have no idea which to choose as all of them look so pretty and edible.
I chose they all time favourite and it tasted better than i expected.
The cupcake is not at all dry and i am able to finish one whole cupcake on my own
as it doenst take too overly rich or overwhelming.

They serve all day sunday brunch at the resturant.
I cant wait to get back and try other stufs.
The food is gooooooooooood and i get to read the latest magazine by the side of every chair..

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Pricing : 3.8/5
Ambience : 4/5
Aervice: 4/5

The Marmalade Pantry
Unit B1-08 to 11
Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road
Singapore 238871
tel : 6734 2700

Seng Kee Restaurant

All time fresh and safe to eat cze-char.

I drove pass this coffeeshop many times
The crowd is always there but i never make it down to eat.
Tonight i went in and find myself looking at many fresh fish to choose from and many all time favourites dishes to order.
Just the two of us therefore we only ordered their all time favourite mee-sua,
sour and spicy broth steam fish, otah and potato leaves fried in sambal.

Photos will show no justice to this resturant
So i didnt wana take picture of their food as the area i sat was dark plus they were not too nicely presented.

I walked to the entrace of the coffeeshop and chose the kind of fish i wanted and the way i want them to make.
All sorts of fresh fish with price labelled nicely on each plate of fish is for the customer to choose.
I choose a big tail part of a red fish with some blue dots and asked them to steam it the spicy and sour way.
The prices of the fishes ranged from $7-$30. Depending on the type of the fish, the parts and the size.

The mee-sua is served in a dark brown broth. Slightly thick,it tasted heavenly.
It comes with pork meat, pork liver and pork kidney. U can choose to order which part of the pig body u want.
I have mine in tender pork meat and liver only.
Looking across every table the mee-sua is a must order dish.

Apart from those that we ordered, i heard there are many other food that was nice too.
The next time i am there, i will try their claypot mixed pork and veggie. Fried Toufu and baby squid.

I'm glad i had my dinner there.
It will be the place to go if i wana have a satisfied cze char food.

Food Quality : 3.9/5
Food Pricing : 3.8/5
Ambience : 4/5
Service : 4/5

Seng Kee Restaurant
Changi Road, Opp Shell Petrol
Open 5pm-4am

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Restaurant Fare, Foodcourt Price

After much wooha on the media of discovering more gourmet food found in hawker centres and foodcourt.
One afternoon i found myself in Oscar's foodcourt savouring delicious italian food.
Do not be cheated by the empty foodcourt located at Anchor Point.

This Pasta and Pizza stall sells kick ass food.

We ordered the Crepeselle which contained chicken,mushroom and spinach, drizzled with some milk and cheese. And they baked it.
Choice of pizza 7" and 12" with a list of ingredients for u to add for free.
Lastly panna cotta. SMOOOOOOTH is the word again..

i am going back to taste the other food served and to eat the panna cotta again.

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Pricing :4/5
Ambience : 3.5/5
Service : 4/5

Pizza Pazza
Oscar's Food Mall, Anchor Point Level One.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Creme Brulee substitute


not too brulee.
some homemade japanese desert sold in Mediya, Liang Court.


Liang Court, Mediya

more breakfast

so this morning brunch was at PS Cafe.
Located at one of the buildings among the Dempsey cluster opposite Gleneagles Hospital.

It's a great place for a casual dinning session with lots of friends.
The ambience and everything is really not the typical scene in Singapore.
Set among the greenery, the surrounding of PS cafe is quiet and peaceful.
Options to sit inside or outside is both excellant.

Brunch menu was kinder limited. The usual breakfast options and some a few other mains.
We opted for bacon and poached eggs with beef sasuages and organic muselie.
They have great variety of beerage. One of my top favourite is White Sangria. A really girl's beverage.

Frankly speaking breakfast at Graze is really much better. But for a casual dining this is not to bad.
Overall, i enjoyed my brunch at PS. And i will definately go back for their dinner.
Dinner is really packed all the time. So its better to make a reservation before heading now.

Food Quality :3/5
Food Pricing :3/5
Ambience: 4/5

PS Cafe
Address : 28b Harding Rd
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday :~ 6.30pm - Midnight
Last food order 10.30pm ~ Last bar order 11.00pm
Friday & Saturday :~ 6.30pm - 2.00am
Last food order 10.30pm ~ Last bar order 1.00am
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday :~ 11.30am - 5.00pm
Last food order 3.00pm ~ Last tea & cake order 4.30p.m
Saturday & Sunday :~ 9.30am - 5.00pm
Last food order 3.00pm ~ Last tea & cake order 4.30p.m
Tel :6479 3343

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Santa Fe All American Tex Mex Grill

WORST mexican food i ever had in my entire life.
U don't call the food they serve mexican food.
u call them chinese chefs wanabe mexican
who fail very badly and serve chinese mexican food.

Tortilla that tasted like those frozen packet from supermarkets
Turkey Quesadillas with no cheese but some meat chunks
Plain beef serve with some green pepper and onion and it's call Fajitas eh ?
Fajitas that looked like chinese food served with bad condiments.
U dont open a resturant when everything look and taste like what one can buy from the supermarkt
U dont call chopped tomatos, packet cheese and bottled sour cream as condiments
Anyway the condiments looks like those on the quesadillas plate just that it has some extra cheese.
God, i can buy all those and cook tht in my own kitchen.
u dont charge me 50 bucks for what things i can buy from the supermarket.
And u have all the uncles and aunties staffs,servers,chefs shouting and talking anywhere and everywhere.

They have feedback form.
I wrote how i felt. It was a great dinning place if not for the food they serve.
I told them to go around Singapore and eat all the mexican restaurant available.
And they will know how badly they are compared to the rest.
I reached at 6.45pm i left about 40mins later. I cant stand myself being in that EMPTY boat.

50BUCKS for such food ?
oh god. take me to the hawker centre and feed me some economy rice.

Food quality : 1/5
Food Price : 1/5
Ambience : 2.8/5
Service : 3/5

Santa Fe All American Tex Mex Grill
Stewords Riverboat
31 Marina Coastal Drive,
Berth 1 Marina South Pier

Rustic Sebastien Bistrot

If u are searching for neighbourhood dinning enclave
I guess Bukit timah is the place to be in.
I wanted some good french food so i decided to head down to Greenwood Avenue.

From the famed Les Amis group of restaurants hails another jewel in its crown:
Sebastien's Bistrot. Sitting pretty along a row of eateries along Greenwood Avenue , this 5-year-old, more down-to-earth cousin to the better-known Les Amis and Au Jardin exudes a friendly, welcoming feel.
Frequented by locals and expatriates alike, Sebastien's is an ideal spot for a hearty French meal without the frills of fine dining.
I made a reservation at 7pm at Sebastien's few day ahead and we reached punctually that night.
The restuarant was pretty empty that moment when i stepped in
but i wasnt afraid that it might be a bad restaurant. The ambience totally comforted me the moment i went in.
A quaint old-world feel, and it is not hard to imagine yourself in Paris when dining in the courtyard in the recesses of the restaurant. Cheery French folk-tunes are the music of choice, while the voices of the French expatriates at the next table will further authenticate your dining experience.
Dim lights, rustic tables settings. For one moment i thought to myself i was out of singapore.

Shortly after my entrees came the restaurant is slowly packed up with diners.

The moment we got in, the staffs took us to our seats and served 6slices of rustic bread with lotsa butter.
3 slices of wholemeal and 3 slices of whitebread.
They have a bread counter at the centre of the restaurant where the servers cut all the fresh bread.
The restaurant have a open bar and a small area where they sell lots of wine.

We ordered french onion soup, cheese souffle, escargots and lastly the main we had stewed beef with mashed potato.

The food may not be presented well, to my surprise once it was put in my mouth,i found myself saying that its nice.
Everything tasted pretty nice. I have not visited that many french restuarant but i can say the food served here is all nice.

We completed the dinner with Sebastien's house Champange and their desert.
The champagne really surprised me as i didnt expect their own champagne to be that good.
It's really does sparkles to the ladies.
We had our usual creme brulee.
Again, the creme brulee is better than those in chocolate factory.
It seems like the creme brulees that i ate, one gets better than the other.

A refreshing change from the usually somewhat intimidating French dining experience,
feel free to bring your friends and family to this homely eatery for a touch of France right in Singapore.

Food Quality : 4/5
Food Price : 3.5/5

Sebastien Bistrot
Hillcrest Park , 12 Greenwood Avenue (S)289204
Lunch: 12 p.m (Last order at 2.30 p.m)
Dinner: 6.30 p.m (Last order at 10 p.m)
Tel: 64651980