Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

MerryChristmas everyone.
So what is christmas without logcakes ???
Here, xmas Chocolate Sabayon log cake from Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry.
A very thick chocolate base cake.
It tasted abit thick from the first bite.
But as of the following bites, u will just love it.
But if u dislike chocolate or find it too thick
you can always go for the lighter base logcake, the chestnut sabayon.

Ricciotti is a real Italian delicatessen, gourmet pastry shop & café,
offering an extraordinary selection of traditional Italian fare.
The deli projects a hospitable, casual and an energetic environment.
Ricciotti is competitively priced and offers a unique experience through its original and authentic food
and beverage offerings.
The café menu includes breakfast, lunch and dinner favourites
as well as widest variety of original Italian specialties
including: homemade gelato, pastries, celebratory cakes, bakes, roast,
grills, pasta, bread, panini, salads, fish, meat, confectionery, wines, beers, juices, sodas.
The whole selection is available all day everyday

Price of log cake : $45(10% for UOB Credit Card Members)

Ricciotti Italian Deli & Pastry
20 Upper Circular Road
B1-49/50 The Riverwalk
Singapore 058416
Tel: (65) 6533 9060

smokey charcoal, japanese BBQ

If only it snow in singapore.
but heavy downpour these days is just as good
The perfect food to go with cold rainy weathers
- yakiniku(grilled meat), karubi(BBQ Short Ribs) and bulogi (firemeat)

Gyu-Kaku, meaning 'horn of the bull' in Japanese,
is Japan's best loved yakiniku restaurant.
With over 800 locations across Japan,
Gyu-Kaku is the Jack's Place equivalent for Japanese families
stepping out to enjoy delicious food over a hot charcoal fire.

Last night we ordered spinach salad in Japanese Sesame Dressing for appetizer,
and 3 kinds of meat and 2 kinds of veggies.
We had the most succulent wagyu oyster blade beef( $13.90)
Karubi Tare Short Ribs($16.90) and Black Pepper Venison ($8.10).
The vegetables that we had to balance up the dinner was Assorted butter mushroom in foil grill ($8.50)
and Assorted Vegetiable ($9.50).

I wanted to have plain rice to go with the meat.
I always liked Japanses rice served with purple pickle.
But then the server suggested us to share a Ishiyaki Bibimba ($10)
It's just Japanese fried rice topped with seaweed and minced meat on top of the cooked rice.

The overall experience was really good.
I guess this is the only place which can offer authentic tokyo alike charcoal BBQ.
Thanks to modern technology and good quality charcoal,
you don't leave the restaurant smelling like broiled wagyu.
Brightly lit but dark-themed, the restaurant is a great place for dining with friends and family.
Open only for dinner, they can gather around the charcoal glow and fight for the last piece of wagyu.

Food: 4.2 /5

81A Clemenceau Avenue
UE Square #01-18/19
Tel : 67334001

Sunday, December 10, 2006

People's Park Complex Food Centre

When it comes to food, Chinatown definately has lots of variety of popular food u can choose from.
One of the very crowded market will be People's ParK Complex food market.
The newly market now host a bigger, brighter and cleaner dinning areas for its patrons.
There are alot of good food located around the area so check out this space as i update more food found in this market.

So what's worth the Queue today ?
My friends and i got 2 plates of dumplings today at Tian Jin Fong Kee.
One plate of steam dumpling and the other is the fried one.
The Q for this stall has always been long.
The dumplings is avail in 3 sizes for $6/10/12
The fried dumplings were average to me.
The fillings are tasty but i think the skin is abit too thick and the overall was abit too oily.
But everything tasted nice to me after drowning the dumpling with vinegar.
So if u are afraid to consume too oily food due to health reason, u can always opt for the steam dumpling.

Food: 3.5/5
Ambience: 2/5

Tian Jin Fong Kee
1 Park Road
People's Park Complex Food Centre

SPIZE- comfort food for hungry ghost.

Spize, located just along the main road of River Valley.
They offer mainly malay food together with some western and chinese food as well.
So far i have been returning to eat their prata and murtabuk.
Their curry sauce is the best and so is their chicken and cheese murtabuk.
They make very good teh terik too.
This eating place will usually be very crowded from dinner time all the way to supper
so parking can be rather tricky.

So the above is some chicken satays: 3/5
spicy sardines murtabuk:3.5/5
chicken and cheese roti john:3.5/5
chicken and cheese murtabuk:4/5
their curry:4.2/5
and not forgetting their beverage:4.2/5


River Valley Road

Xing Xing Bakuteh.

Introducing you my all time favourite.

You want bakuteh ?
This is the place to go.
Located at the quiet side of farrer park,
i visit this kopitam at Owen road at least once a week.
They have the nicest bakuteh around
and after discussing the issue with my friends
we have come to an agreement that this is the one food to die for.
U want abalone with bakuteh ? they have it as well if you do not mind paying $100 and more for bakuteh.
Their bakuteh is served in clear soup unlike some places which serve in black soup.
The soup is almost heavenly.
Neither too pepperish nor spicy. A sip into your mouth and u just want more.
Is hard to describe in words how the soup taste like, just perfect to me.
Other than bakuteh they offer many kind of hot/cold fish.
Boiled vegetables, pig intestine, pig trotter, and some appetiser.
Bring your own tea if you want or else just order it from them.
(the above cost $32)
Do visit during a rainy day or cooling day, because thts the best weather to go with the food.
Quiet environemnt, good environment,fabulous food and good service from the lady boss.
what more do u want.

pure celestial.


Owen Road, Wolcester Road.
Heng Heng Bakuteh
Located just next to the plain field.
Closed on Tuesday

waraku- eastcoast

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Thumbs down to Modesto

UOB Card Member 1-1 on all pasta and pizza.
Sounds attractive ?
Walk in then.

My dad wanted to have some pizzas for lunch so upon looking at the UOB offers, the more we wanted to walk in.
Yes, typical Singaorean.
We were sitted in the large restaurant that has more than 30tables. But at 12pm, prolly only 3tables were taken up.
The unprofessional staff came by and take order, she seems like a PT to me.
She knows nuts of their food served. So because of her ignorance, we were attended by her senior whom seemed heck care to me.
He quickly recommended us some food and explained the promotion items and walked away.
My dad and I had a Cuppa that tasted so bland. I refused to drink after 2 sip.

We ordered a cooked pork ham and mushroom pizza ($17) in special tomato sauce and a italian "baked rice" ($22)
Conclusion : The pizza was still edible, not fantastic but only edible. But the baked rice, as u can see.
Is so not tempting for me to eat it at all, and i had to like add whatever they had on the table to make it tastier.
I added chilli flakes, salt and pepper and then it became slightly nicer. We left tht place with that plate of rice amost untouched.
That shit doesnt even worth 8bucks to me.

Food: 1.5/5
Price:3.5/5 (only reasonable to me because of the 1-1)

Crystal Jade

Crystal Jade opened its most upmarket restaurant to date, Crystal Jade Dining IN, in VivoCity last month. It boasts four private dining rooms and stunning 180-degree views of the waterfront.
Crystal Jade has about 20 restaurants and bakeries in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Seoul, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Number 37 Crystal Jade Dining In offers a completely different food choices to its patrons.
Unlike the rest of the other outlets Crystal Jade DIning In has a different feel.
Welcomed by its long red classy walk in showcasing some live seafood, it also has a breathetaking view of the waterfront, overlooking sentosa island.

The entire concept is more formal and upmarket. Prices are bout 15% more pricey than their usual outlets.
Their service over here was much better and all their staffs seems to know their stuffs well enough to provide a very good service, everybody were very organised even thou the queue outside was long.
The menu consists of Set lunches and Dinner ranging from $60++for 2 pax to $300++for 8pax as well as alacarte options.
I do fancy their attempts in making their menu more interesting. The food offered here are none like the rest of the other outlets. Alot of new varieties prepared in innovative style.

I went for dinner with my folks, so no beef nor too adventurous food for them.
We had a 800gram Soon Hock($50), Pork Ribs($16), DouMiao stir fried with garlic($18) and lastly Crab meat mushroom soup in coconut ($26).

It was a good experience and i guess i would want to visit them some other time to try more of their food.

Food: 4/5

Monday, December 4, 2006

Authentic Shark Fins

Thai Village for dinner last night at Oasis, which is also their first branch opened since 1989.
Nothing much to talk about Thai Village, a resturant that had been there since forever and has quite a number of well-known signature food. Food has been consistent all along unlike their next door competitor No SignBoard.
I am not really a big fan for shark fins but because the sharkfins at Thai Village is so good, i cant resist it.
So i ordered one pot of shark fins for two person to eat at $60.
Exquisite shark’s fin with mushroom and crab meats braised in superior broth, worthy of its reputation as a time-honoured favorite.
We wanted a light and healthy dinner so i ordered a simple plate of Di Huang Miao with scallops and a small soon-hock.
But no pictures for steam fish as i ate all of it without taking any pictures. =s

And i am certainly going back for their Baked Crabs w/ Vermicelli and steam fish cook in other style.

Food: 4/5

Thai Village Restaurant
50, Stadium Boulevard
#01-01 Oasis Building
Singapore 397796
Tel : 64402292

Sunday brunch

Here i am back at some overly-hyped shopping mall for a sunday brunch.
If u want some british style cafe, good environment with the correct music and space
you guys can try lounging out at Corduroy Cafe. Latest hip bistro cafe offering pretty much the same kind of food you can find at their main store located in Bukit Timah Sixth Avenue.
But unlike their flagstore at Sixth Ave, they do not have houseware for sales. But at Corduroy Cafe they do have a milkbar and some european bakery.
Offering large variety of beverages, pies, pasteries, deserts,fresh salads, some mains and a sandwiches.

So i had a caesar salad with grilled chicken, eggs ben that consist of 2 perfect runny eggs, spinach, baked ham and european bread, mushroom soup and a earl gray tea all at 40moolah.

Food ratings: 3.8/5