Sunday, July 22, 2007

Margarita’s oh so good mexican food

I have my reservations when it comes to having mexican cuisine especially adter that disastous TEX MEX at marina south.
i always tried to be safe by eating mexican cuisine at Iguna, not truly authentic. But its enjoyable.
Once in awhile i will pamper myself and have a spread at Magarita East side outlet.
A month ago Margarita brunches out to its 3rd outlet.
3rd very large outlet at Dempsey Road.
I truly enjoyed the food that afternoon. Every meal made me raised my eyebrows not because its bad
But because its so good.

When u are at Margarita of cos u drink their Margaritas.($10)
Needless to say when u see every tables have empty glasses of margaritas u know u cannot miss them out too.
I had mine and im very pleased.

Then soon after my quesadilla with chicken came. ($14)
Frankly speaking, this quesadillas is much better than those in Iguana.
The tortillas are fresh and warm. Together with the fresh cheese,chicken, sour cream and so fresh avacados sauce.
God i can order another plate.
Many places serve quesadilla that the tortillas are either instant made or everything jus seems like skin wrap with cheese
But for this, is real mexican.

Next, my fajitas with beef and prawns. ($33)
For the price of this compared to those at Iguna. I think i will eat Iguna's for the great difference in price.
Is not that this is bad is just that the price is abit to ex for this item.

Lastly my desserts came. I ordered a Kahlua Tiramisu($10)
and their chocolate brownie with homemade coconut icecream($10)
oH man, i dun mind travelling all the way down to eat their tiramisu. I am not a fan for coffee pastry but this tiramisu really caught me addicted. And pardon for that ugly picture of the chocolate brownie that do no justice to their cakes.
Fluffy warm bites of cake paired off with homemade coconut ice-cream are simply too delicious to resist.
The brownie again is non like what i eat elsewhere before.

The food here is really awesome. I am going back to try other stuffs sometime very soon.
But than again to enjoy the full course meal from having a margarita to main course to dessert will defiantely burn a hole.
Magarita's is a great place for a good meal, it is the very place to get your fix for true blue Mexican cuisine.
So when u decided to give this place a try do remember to ask what is their main dish of the day which is a daily special set apart from its ordinary menu.

Food Quality :4.5/5
Food Pricing :3.5/5

Margarita's Restaurant (Tanglin Village) #01-19
11 Dempsey Road (S)249673
Opening Hour Daily: 11.30pm – 3 pm
6.15pm – 10 pm
Monday: Closed

108 Faber Drive, Tel: 6777 1782
404 East Coast Road, Tel: 6440 8030

almost how it tasted like in Australia

I have been trying to find one place where i can fix my usual caffein doze.
And so far i dun quite fancy all the coffee places in singapore
because once u drink wats in Oz. U will understand what i mean by singapore has shit barista and coffee places.
Starbucks is stil the safest. Not the totally undrinkable coffee and also not the best.
Today i walked pass Aerins and i decided to try hows brewing at their machine.
I got a huge surprise...
its much better than many other places.

Raffles City Shopping Centre

Friday, July 20, 2007

More treasures unhidden tonight

Homestyle Authentic Japanese Food.

This small little restaurant has been here like since forever
But i never make myself in.
Mainly because parking is a big problem at Katong Road.
Im kinder lucky tonight. Got myself a lot illegally and a table in this small eatery.
The restaurant owned by a japanese from tokyo is really small.
Indoor area has only about 5 tables and a sashimi counter long table.
The menu doesnt look too glam and pretty.
But looking at the crowd im sure im not at the wrong place.
4/5 of the diners are japanese.
The boss is very friendly from the moment im there till the moment i left he has stopped chatting with all the guests that is in his restuarant.
I am going back for the rest of the food that i have yet to eat.

California Maki.($10) The ingredient is fresh but somehow the rice is not as fantastic as those i ate at other big restaurant.

Miso Ramen.($10) Light delicious broth that is not at all oily. I can finish this all on my own.

Bacon with aparagus Yaki. ($4) oh is so good.

Chicken meat balls and chicken wings ($4 each)

Grilled Gindara ($14) this is the real winner. even rukuzen cannot beat this.

This restaurant is famous for their yakitori. With such satisfying food there is no need to travel all the way to roberston quay for the overprice shunjuju. Im happy with this.
Different kind of yaki is serve with different kind of sauce thou they all look black but they tasted different
My only feedback is that i dont quite enjoy their plain rice. Its kinder moist and doesnt have much frangrance.
I tot rice is very important to the japanese .. hmmmm..

The friendly boss made his unpretentious restuarant a better place to dine in.
(Who the hell in the world would pay money and sit at a counter that faces the chef aka the boss that pull a long face every minute and once in a while scold vulgarities ??? why is there even queue at wasabi tei. tssk.)

Food Quality : 4.2/5
Food Pricing : 3.8/5
Service :4/5
Ambience: 4/5

Z'en Japanese Cuisine @ UE Square

It's mama birthday
and after alot alot of brain storming i have decided to talk the folks to Z'en.
Z'en Japanese Cuisine is under the same management of En Holdings
Z'en is the ideal restaurant for business dinners as well as casual gatherings for young working professionals, loving couples, both locals and expatriates.
The whole ambience is really fantastic. Both the indoors and outdoor area has its own advantage.
It was kinder hot that night so we asked for a indoor table.
They gave us a table at the mezzanine levelwhich is like Tatami style,
an area most suitable for private celebrations or business dinners which necessitate a more intimate space.

Sashimi 3mori. ($28) one serving of salmon and 2 servings of amebi. Fresh sashimi can never go wrong.

Creamy crab croquett. A good item for sharing cos too much of that can be too overwhelming as its cream base.

Unagi topped with yam don. ($18) nothing too fantastic

Tempura Mori. ($22) This is not too bad. Crunchy and soft on the inside.

Kani nabe($38) Fresh and big.

Everything dumped into the hotpot. After20min of boiling all the ingredient together, the soup is actually very nice.

Unagi Fried Rice.($12) Looks really good eh ? its abit saltish and moist. i prefer the garlic rice from En.

Service wise i much prefer En's
Im not too sure if its only the server who do not know their menu or the servers are just not well thought.
When i asked for recomendations she almost told me everything from the the menu.
I guess i can do a better job.
First few dishes of our food came very fast
till the last 2dishes the tempura and fried rice has a time lag of almost 20mins.
Nonetheless i will go back to Z'en again.

I need to visit En and Z'en once more to decide which restuarant serves better food.

Food Quality : 3.8/5
Food Pricing : 3.5/5
Ambience :4.5/5
Service: 3.5/5

Z'en Japanese Cuisine
Add : UE Square #01-75, 207 River Valley Road (S)238275
Opening Hours : Mon - Sat: 6pm - 12am
Sunday: 5pm - 11pm
Lunch: Closed
Telephone : 67323110


After much hype about Aston at Katong Rd
I finally made my way down for dinner one evening.
As usual, there are people queueing.

Indeed, its foodcourt price.
The fish is only at $6.90 and the goodgrade beef is only about $24bucks.
all main comes with 2sides.

If only they put in slightly more effort in the presentation
and make their food taste abit more WOW.
It taste normal to me thou. But for such a price what else can anybody disagree with eh ..
I will only make this place for a quick lunch/dinner place.

Not somewhere i will bring to impress anybody.

Food Quality :3..8/5
Food Pricing:4.5/5

Opposite Katong Shopping Centre
Open for lunch and dinner except Mondays.

Silk Restaurant. End of Phuket trip.

As i said its ultra hard to find a place to eat Thai food in Phuket.
We were told to come to this restaurant which is 5min ride from the hotel.
And the moment we entered we thought we come to some ultra chichi fine dining restaurant.
Extremely nice romantic ambienc, friendly servers and great food.
But all these doesnt comes with a cheap price.
Silk restaurant is one of the best thai restaurant in Phuket.
Its a place more for ang mo tourists.
The prices i pay there is more expenese than eating at lemongrass in Singapore.
But its the last meal anyway, and its my birthday. Who really cares ?

Having fresh food in Phuket is never a problem
i have never eaten anything that is not fresh.
The softshell crab mango salad is a blast. What a innovative match..
The spicy limefish is good. The sauce is nothing like what i ate in singapore is just so different.
As for deserts, the vanilla icecream with goreng pisang is damm shiok.
And that weird looking dessert is actually homemade coconut gelato topped with fresh soft coconut.

Silk Restuarant
The Plaza
Surin Beach

Whats the queue about ???


and i tot is the same kind of crepes i had in Bangkok.
To my surprise, its even better and all their ingredient is very fresh. =)
and the best thing is that it has so many different kind of variety.

Along Patong Beach.

Phuket Rest & Relax

The only thing that i dont mind doing many times a day while in Thailand is Body Massage and Foot Massage
Along the road of by any beach front of Phuket for 250bahts u get an hour of foot massage and 300bahts for Full Body massage. And sometime u can even bargain the prices.

And for such cheap prices they will wash ur legs before the massages start and serve u with tea when it ends.

Savoy Restaurant

The one thing to eat when u are near any beach area is Seafood.
Phuket have abundance of seafood restaurant.
As u walk along Patong Beach there are a seafood restaurant after another.
We went to the most famous one Savoy Restaurant. And it happened to be also the most overrated restaurant.
The restaurant was truly packed from the large outdoor dining area to the indoor area.
The restaurant is that big that i think it can accomodate like 500 people or more.
Its about 8.30pm when i reached there and i still have to wait alittle while for a table.

The food was really average to me
or can i say less than average. The only wow thing is the price.
for less than $80Sing u get to eat so much seafood and desert.
The mango sticky rice is good here but i forgotten to take a picture. Oops.
I guess i wouldnt come back for more food again.
truly overrated.

Savoy Restaurant
Along Patong beach.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Yum Saap Thai Food Chain

The thing about travelling to a place that tourism is the main sector is that
there is a high chance that the place itself will lose all it's local flavour.
Just like Bali, its extremely difficult to find a decent local Thai Restaurant in Phuket.
There was even one bad day that after walking 30mins in the streets of Patong i have to resort in eating at a foodcourt.

Everytime i travel to a place, i prefer to eat what the country's own cusine.
But to my disappointment, Phuket has ALOT of Italian food and Western Food. But no Thai food.
Pizza, Pasta and Deli cafes/restaurant can be found at every 300metre in Patong.

So we had Thai fish cake, Seafood salad and Fried Chicken.
The fish cake is very nice and juicy. Dont look at how pale coloured the seafood salad is, actaully is very spicy.

I had tea break at Yum Saap on the 2nd day in Phuket.
Again i think this is the only Thai Food Restaurant in the entire BIG MALL.
The mall can be as big as Takashimaya.
Yum Saap is more like a Thai Fastfood chain.
It offers alot of spicy food and local delights.
I wish there were more such outlet in Phuket.

Yum Saap
Level 3 Central Festival Phuket

ete ice cream

this is what i had. cookies and cream and chocolate.

thailand homemade ice cream.
one of the more common ice cream palour u can find in thailand.

Central Festival Phuket
Level 3.